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TH 4391: BFA Seminar - Theatre Design/Tech: Finding Books

A course guide to library research resources for Prof. Cely's & Prof. Sousa-Wynn's students in TH 4391, the BFA Scenic Design Seminar Course.

Oversize Collection

Don't forget to check the Oversize shelves! Each floor has a section labelled "Oversize" for large books, in call number order.  Oversize Art and Photography books are very common!


World Cat

Indexes items owned by libraries throughout the U.S. and parts of the world.  Useful if you want to see "what's out there" or if you want to see where you can find an item in another Texas Library.

Search for Books & More in the Library:

Handouts for Finding Books and Browsing Guide

Below is a browsing map with different areas of inerest highlighted in yellow to use when you are looking for any image realted subject, topic, or medium. Click on the image to download a printable PDF version of it and to see it better. :)


ILL - TexShare