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GNST 4350: Interdisciplinary Project: 2. Keywords

This guide is specific to completing the Project Outline, Project Research (Problem and Audience), and Project Research (Format and Minors) steps of the GNST 4350 Interdisciplinary Project.

Brainstorm Keywords

Step 2: Brainstorm Keywords

Here you need to...

  • figure out the main concepts from your problem, audience, and solution, then
  • brainstorm alternate keywords to use when searching.

See below for examples and help:  a video in the upper left box for an example for finding your core concepts and brainstorming keywords, and the box on the lower right has places to find more keywords once you find a good article.

Generating Keywords

Another example - generate keywords

Finding More Keywords

Find an article that works?  You can find more like it by using the same subject and keywords it has listed!  Just start another search.