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GNST 4350: Interdisciplinary Project: 5. Finding Articles

This guide is specific to completing the Project Outline, Project Research (Problem and Audience), and Project Research (Format and Minors) steps of the GNST 4350 Interdisciplinary Project.

Use Your Database Tools!

Step 5: Use your database tools to filter your search!

Start Your Research has a ton of filters to make your research results even more precise.  Use the Advanced Search to use your Boolean Operators (AND, OR, and NOT) easily. 

Start Your Research

Start Your Research can be helpful as a starting point for research because it includes databases, eBooks, and streaming media, books, movies, music, etc., that we have in the Alkek Library.

Start Your Research searches approximately 200 of our over 600 databases, but you may want to check our subject-specific database list once you're doing more in-depth research in your topic.  

Advanced Searching

Start Your Research includes Advanced Searching tools.  Notice that it has built-in Boolean search capability!

It also allows you multiple other ways to limit your search BEFORE you click on the Search button.

Use Filters

The single most important step you can take to make your searching more efficient in Start Your Research is to use the included search filters.

NOTE: This system can search the full text of the ebook, magazine, journal, newpaper and other periodical articles that the library has online access to, but it cannot search the full text of all of the books or other materials that do not have the full text available to search.