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Linking to Articles & Other Resources: Ovid

Learn how to link to articles and other resources in the library's databases to put in TRACS, bibliographies, or syllabi, share via email, or save in your browser.



  1. Once you find an article that you want to use, look for the Ovid Full Text link and click on it.
    Ovid results page - point to full text link
  2. In the right-side menu, locate the Email Jumpstart link and click on it.
    Ovid record page - point to Email Jumpstart link
  3. A small pop-up box should appear that includes the URL. Highlight the URL.
    Ovid record page - pop-up box
  4. Copy the URL using Control-C for PC or Command-C for Mac. Or you can right-click on the highlighted URL and select “Copy.”
    Ovid record page - highlight URL in pop-up box
  5. If you accessed Ovid from on campus, you’ll need to paste the URL after the Texas State proxy prefix:
  6. Click on the Cancel button to exit the box.
  7. Ovid record page - highlight Cancel button in pop-up box