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Linking to Articles & Other Resources: Wiley

Learn how to link to articles and other resources in the library's databases to put in TRACS, bibliographies, or syllabi, share via email, or save in your browser.

Wiley DOI

Wiley Online Library uses a DOI (digital object identifier) for its permanent URLs.  It is always included in the citation section.


1.  Locate the DOI in this abstract. 

2.  The DOI is incomplete:  it needs a fuller Wiley URL and the library's proxy URL   ---  10.1111/j.1468-2273.2011.00505.x

3.  The complete Wiley URL: [the Wiley URL in the browser address bar is okay to use -- BUT it is RECOMMENDED to use the DOI address.]

4.  Library Proxy URL must be added to Wiley DOIs

A.  (Added to the DOI)


B. (Added to the URL in the browser address)