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Linking to Articles & Other Resources: Sage

Learn how to link to articles and other resources in the library's databases to put in Canvas, bibliographies, or syllabi, share via email, or save in your browser.

Sage Permalinking

Sage eBooks/Reference titles can be searched and linked through the Library Catalog.

In the Library Catalog, use the Bookmark Link in the full record. No proxy is necessary.


In Periodical List, you can link to the entire journal only:

  1. Search the title of the journal
  2. Click the title you were searching in the list of search results
  3. Click the Permalink option on the far right of the journal title.
  4. Copy the permalink url that then appears above the title of the journal entry.

Sage Knowledge

In order to link to an entire Sage Journal title, use the url in the browser and precede it with the proxy.

Linking to an article in a Sage Journal title the browser url can be used but must be proxied.

The DOI can also be proxied to permalink to an article by also requires the

Sage Books can be linked at title level. One option for permalinking to a Sage eBook is to proxy the url in the browser:

The DOI can also be proxied to permalink to an eBook title:

Sage Videos can be linked by using the url browser with the proxy preceding it.

The DOI can also be proxied to serve as a permalink.