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University History: 2. City


Questions to Answer

City of San Marcos

  • Where in the city is this?  (We need to pin this to the map!)
  • When was the photograph taken?
  • What is this building (or this place)?
    • What was it then?
    • What is it now?
  • How does the site then compare to the site today?
    • Is the structure still there, and is it recognizable from this photo?
    • Has the structure been modified or replaced with something else?


Power House

1907 Pedagog (hint: this is now a restaurant)

The Square

1926 Pedagog

Downtown San Marcos

1926 Pedagog

1927 Pedagog

1931 Pedagog

1941 Pedagog

1946 Pedagog

1957 Pedagog

1948 Pedagog

1948 Pedagog


Additional resources include (but are not limited to):

This group of photographs was selected by the University Archives to represent the city.  For this assignment, you must select from the images provided above in the slide show.  To copy an image, right-click and select "Save Image As..."

Other Resources for City Research