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University History


World War I and the Great Depression

Many archival resources related to the First World War, also known as the Great War (1914-1918) and the Great Depression (1929-1939) are available in electronic format.  Some resources may require a visit to the University Archives to view the material.

Presidential biographies and university histories are excellent sources of information about the campus; see the main tab for Historical Topics and Time Periods for links to these items. 

World War II

The campus and students in time of war

The links on this page are NOT a comprehensive list of resources - they are provided as a sample for starting your research.  Many other resources are available in the Alkek Library.  For assistance with archival resources, please contact the University Archives.

Archival Resources

The Special Collections and Archives holds official university records, donated materials from friends and alumni, and subject files related to various buildings, property, programs, and events. Researchers interested in in-depth study may find these materials to be a rich source of information. 

Use the Archives and Records Form to schedule an appointment and include specific information on what you are requesting and would like to view from the archives. Researchers are also welcome to schedule an initial reference consultation with an archivist to discuss research needs. Please keep in mind that while some topics are well-documented, there are still many gaps in our historical records.