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University History: 1965 Higher Education Act


Signing of the Higher Education Act

"Lyndon Johnson returned to his alma mater on November 8, 1965, to sign the Higher Education Act, one of the most important pieces of legislation to be enacted during his presidency and a cornerstone of his Great Society. -- Connections: Lyndon B. Johnson in San Marcos, p.32.

For the story of the signing, along with photographs and remarks made by President Johnson upon signing the Higher Education Act, see Connections: Lyndon B. Johnson in San Marcos, pages 32-41. 

Photographs (from archives series 80.300.LBJ)

The President and First Lady arrive by helicopter

Walking with the crowd

On the way to the gym

Signing moved indoors because of rain (1)

Signing moved indoors because of rain (2)

Signing moved indoors because of rain (3)

The crowd gathered in the gym

News cameras

LBJ at the podium

View from the desk

With Jesse C. Kellam

With J.J. "Jake" Pickle

Photograph from the 1971(?) exhibit

HEA 20th Anniversary Sculpture 1985

HEA 20th Anniversary Sculpture - Plaque 1985

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Oral Histories

As Texas State prepared for the 100th anniversary of LBJ's birthday in 2008, an oral history project was launched to help document Johnson's impact on the local community and beyond.  Of the forty-five or so interviews collected by Barbara Thibodeaux, nine are noted to contain references to the Higher Education Act.  Transcripts of those interviews are included here.

LBJ Lecture Series

"The Lyndon B. Johnson Distinguished Lecture Series ... was inauguraged in 1982 by President Emeritus Robert Hardesty.  But the series itself was Johnson's idea."   Connections: Lyndon B. Johnson in San Marcos, p.42

Two of the lectures specifically addressed the Higher Education Act.  The (unedited) transcripts for these lectures are provided here.