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  • Total college enrollment grows.  San Marcos Record, January 10, 1930, p.8 (reprinted from the Detroit Free Press).
  • Summer school appropriation passed in Senate.  San Marcos Record, March 31, 1931, p.1.
  • College girls observe "Cotton Dress Day."  San Marcos Record, April 3, 1931, p.5.
  • Home employment.  San Marcos Record, September 25, 1931, p.6.
  • First basketball game in new gym 2:30 Saturday afternoon.  San Marcos Record, February 26, 1932, p.1.
  • 250 new students register for second half of summer term. San Marcos Record, July 22, 1932, p.1.
  • Dr. Evans attends meeting of state college prexes.  San Marcos Record, September 9, 1932, p.1.
  • President Evans returns from an important meet.  San Marcos Record, November 18, 1932, p.5.
  • The threat of closing, by C.E. Evans.  San Marcos Record, December 9, 1932, p.1.
  • Colleges in distress.  Dallas Morning News, December 18, 1932, p.10-III.
  • Students use questionnaire to voice reactions to state teachers colleges.  San Marcos Record, January 6, 1933, p.1.
  • Poage bill to abolish colleges killed in Senate.  San Marcos Record, March 10, 1933, p.1.