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LBJ's 1966 trip back to Cotulla

LBJ's 1966 trip back to Cotulla (see Daniel Garcia's photographs numbered 4, 5, and 6) was described in an NPR story from 2014. 

LBJ Carried Poor Texas Town With Him In Civil Rights Fight


This story appears in an alternate format with printed transcript on the website

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Attribution Statement

Mr. Daniel Garcia's father, Dan Garcia, was a student of Lyndon Johnson's during the time that he taught school in Cotulla.  He graciously allowed the University Archives to digitize his photographs and granted us permission to use the images.  Mr. Garcia retains the copyright of his photographs and any use of these image should be credited.


When using these photographs from the personal collection of Mr. Daniel Garcia, please include the following credit:

Courtesy of Mr. & Mrs. Daniel C. Garcia through an agreement with the University Archives, Texas State University.