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University History


Citing archival materials used for research

The nature of archival materials is so varied that it is impractical to use a "one rule fits all" approach.  It helps to remember that the goal of citing materials is to direct others to your sources.

Since the University Archives is still under development, there isn't yet a standard for describing all of our materials.  Please feel free to ask questions about how to cite the materials - we'll be glad to assist you with gathering content for your citation.  Be sure to refer to your style guide for specific information about how to organize the content into an appropriate citation.

Links to other citation resources

Some universities and archives have written very detailed information about citing archival sources within their particular collections.  Check out the following links for suggestions and examples.

Since our archives is still in devleopment, many of our materials are as yet unprocessed but the general guidelines still apply.

Potential research topics

There are a number of topics that have yet to be researched and placed within their respective historical contexts.  The following subjects are represented in primary resources held by the University Archives (but will likely require additional external research to complete the history):

  • College farm
  • Campus elementary school
  • Campus high school