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University History: Historical Topics and Time Period Research


Contact Information

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University Archives

Alkek Library, Room 580


Research by appointment

Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm


The University Archives is physically located on the 5th floor of the Alkek Library.  In-person and virtual research assistance is generally available Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 4:30pm (excluding holidays and energy conservation days). 


Research appointments are required for in-person research to allow time for retrieval of offsite materials, to reserve research space, and to allow staff to sanitize the space between researchers.  Walk-in assistance is dependent on staff and space availability, as researchers with appointments are given priority.  Masks are encouraged. 


To request virtual or in-person assistance, please Ask an Archivist


Sources for historical research

A wide variety of topics related to university history are documented in the University Archives. The archives is a research collection that holds many primary source materials — original records that exist only in the University Archives — that are available for research by appointment; please e-mail to request an appointment and staff will be happy to help identify any related materials.

Students, faculty, and staff have researched and written about a variety of historical topics related to the institution.  While these publications are often available in print from in both the general collection and the University Archives, some are also available in digital format — a few of which are described below.  To search for a topic not included in the examples below or in the drop-down menu above, visit the Digital Collections page and use the search feature.

Also, be sure to check information included in other tabs on this research guide!

Archival Resources

The University Archives holds official university records, donated materials from friends and alumni, and subject files related to various buildings, property, programs, and events.  Researchers interested in in-depth study may find these materials to be a rich source of information. 

Prior to making an appointment, please send an e-mail with the specific research request so that staff can determine if there are relevant materials in the archives.  Researchers are also welcome to schedule an initial reference consultation with an archivist to discuss research needs.  Please remember that while some topics are well-documented there are still many gaps in our historical record. 

Potential research topics

There are a number of topics that have yet to be researched and placed within their respective historical contexts.  The following subjects are represented in primary resources held by the University Archives (but will likely require additional external research to complete the history):

  • College farm
  • Campus elementary school
  • Campus high school