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University History


Searching for information about an ancestor who attended SWT / Texas State?

Genealogists are encouraged to perform their own research to learn more about what their ancestor(s) experienced while attending this school.  The following publications are available in the general collection during regular library hours.  Researchers are also welcome to use the materials in the University Archives; please send an e-mail to request a research appointment.

General Genelogical Resources

Looking for more information beyond attendance at Southwest Texas State / Texas State University?  Check out this short list of additional sources that can help start your genealogical research.

Request dates of enrollment

The University Archives does not maintain any student records. 

To request information about an ancestor's dates of enrollment or diplomas/certificates/degrees earned, researchers may send an e-mail to along with the following required information: the name the student used while enrolled, the birth date of the student, and the approximate years of attendance.

Note: FERPA rules apply to the release of student information.