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University History: 7. Student Life


Questions to Answer

  • Where was this photo taken?  (We need to pin it to the map!)
  • What is the subject of this photograph?  Who is in the photo?
  • When was the photo taken?
  • Why is this image important? 
    • Is this something students stopped doing?
    • Do students still do this today?
    • How has student life changed?
  • How does this photo represent life at TxState?

Student Life

1907 Pedagog

1908 Pedagog

1911 Pedagog

1917 Pedagog

1921 Pedagog

1929 Pedagog

1934 Pedagog

1940 Pedagog

1941 Pedagog

1942 Pedagog

1956 Pedagog

1956 Pedagog

1964 Pedagog

1967 Pedagog

1985 Pedagog

Student Life

Additional resoruces include (but are not limited to):

This group of photographs was selected by the University Archives to represent student life.  For this assignment, you must select from the images provided above in the slide show.  To copy an image, right-click and select "Save Image As..."


Other Resources for Student Life

The Pedagog is our primary source for information about student life, so be sure to look at the printed volume to read any text that might accompany the activities pictured.  For specific dates, looking at the Star may be helpful, too, as articles may have been written about a specific event.

Be sure to look at catalogs as well - the introductory material sometimes includes student-related demographics.