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University History: 1. Buildings


Questions to answer


  • Where is this? (We need to pin this to the map!)
  • What is this building?
  • What what the world like when this building was constructed?
  • Who are the people listed on the cornerstone? 
    • Why are they important?
    • Do the names have any connection to TxState or San Marcos?
  • Why was it built?  What purpose did it serve?
  • What is this building now?  How is it used?



  • Where is this? (We need pin this to the map!)
  • In which building was this photo taken?
    • How was the building used then? 
    • How is the building used now?
  • What was this room used for?  Do we still teach this today?
  • How does this image compare to today - is the image dated or is it similar to what we do today?



1902 Cornerstone (1 of 2)

1902 Cornerstone (2 of 2)

1915 City Hall & Fire Station (1 of 2)

1915 City Hall & Fire Station (2 of 2)

1918 Education (1 of 2)

1918 Education (2 of 2)

1925 Cornerstone

1904 Main Building

1904 Pedagog

1911 Library Stacks

1911 Pedagog p14

1914 YWCA Room

1914 Pedagog p192

1926 Accounting Class

1926 Pedagog

1939 Art Class

1939 Pedagog

1960 Laurel Hall

1960 Pedagog p137

1960 New Library

1960 Pedagog p8

1961 Science Lab

1961 Pedagog p134

1943 Main Hallway

1943 Pedagog

1912 Domestic Science

1912 Pedagog p86

1916 Chemistry Lab

1916 Pedagog p190

1917 Machine Room

1917 Pedagog

1950 Dr. Rogers

Building Interiors & Cornerstones

Additional resources include (but are not limited to):

  • Catalogs
  • Pedagogs
  • University Archives - Vertical files: buildings (available by appointment)

This group of photographs was selected by the University Archives to represent historical campus buildings.  For this assignment, you must select from the images provided above in the slide show.  To copy an image, right-click and select "Save Image As..."


Other Resources for Historical Campus Buildings