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University History: 3. Historic Campus


Questions to Answer

  • Where is this?  (We need to pin this to the map!)
  • What happened here?
  • Why is this photograph or item significant?
  • When was the photograph taken?
    • What was it like then/what was happening?
    • What is it like now?  Is anything the same?  What is different?
  • What can you learn from looking at this photograph/item?

Historic Campus

Normal Hill

1910 Pedagog

President's Home

1910 Pedagog

1918 Pedagog

Lueders Hall

1921 Pedagog

1922 Pedagog

1926 Pedagog


1928 Pedagog

1929 Pedagog

1942 Pedagog

1948 Pedagog

1952 Pedagog

Falls Hall

1967 Pedagog

Postcard front

Postcard back

Historic Campus


Additional resources include (but are not limited to):

This group of photographs was selected by the University Archives to represent the theme of historic campus.  For this assignment, you must select from the images provided above in the slide show.  To copy an image, right-click and select "Save Image As..."

Other Resources for Campus Research