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University History: Event: Flowers Inauguration


Event: Memorial Service as part of the Flowers Inauguration

Texas State -- then Southwest Texas State Teacher's College -- changed presidents in 1942.  C.E. Evans retired after 31 years, and alumnus J. Garland Flowers took over in 1942.

This celebratory inaugural events took place in April 1943 -- during WWII -- when enrollment was low and many faculty, staff, and students were serving in the war.  As part of his inauguration activities, there was a ceremony on the Quad to honor those serving in the war and those who had died.  Note that the names of those who died are on the WWII plaque in the Veteran's Memorial Garden (next to Flowers Hall).

This event shows how the war impacted the college campus, and how important the ceremony was to the San Marcos community (as it was covered by the San Marcos Daily Record newspaper).